Barrett Newton Interactive is a small interactive production and design studio, with an amazing portfolio.

Barrett Newton Interactive

We make magic for our clients

SafeCracker is now a native part of ExpressionEngine

One of our most popular addons for ExpressionEngine has been acquired by Ellis Labs, makers of ExpressionEngine. You can now freely download safecracker here.

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Store Launch

The store launched on Monday, August 30, 11:00 AM CT (-5:00 GMT). Click here for a listing of our products

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...Barrett Newton Interactive is our little secret weapon...

Susie Lim Young & Rubicam

What do you do with an MBA and a desire to avoid working for the man? Build a business on the internet, of course. If there’s a niche you can find that hasn’t been filled before, that’s a pretty good place to start too and we think is poised to explode.

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A little about us

We’re a kick-ass interactive agency with amazing clients throughout the U.S.

Working with us is simple. The results are incredible.

We provide design, development, and consultation services used in the creation of interactive media including websites, email, web banners and games. We also sell development libraries & source code as well as plugins, extensions, and modules for ExpressionEngine software and the CodeIgniter development framework.